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Established: 1959

Handmade Indian Rugs

The two major weaving districts in India are the area surrounding the large city of Varanasi in east-central India and the area centred around Jaipur, southwest of Delhi. Both districts produce an incredible assortment of low quality to very good quality woollen rugs.

Srinagar, in Kashmir, northern India, produces finely woven silk rugs in Persian designs. Our ranges from India include:

  • Silk Kashmir
  • Geometric rugs in Kazak and Heriz designs
  • Jaipur rugs in Persian designs
  • Chenille rugs in an assortment of colours and sizes
  • Modern design wool & silk rugs
  • Nemetnejad Brothers guarantees that no child labour is involved in the production of their carpets and insist that all weavers are treated fairly and with respect.