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Established: 1959

Handmade Persian Rugs

Persia is historically the original rug-weaving nation and still today produces the most varied range of hand made carpets, rugs and kilims. Persian production runs the full range from tribal, nomadic and village types such as Shiraz, Hamadan, and Heriz; up to finely made types like Isfahan, Tabriz, and Qum.

The range of weavings is enormous. This includes;

  • Tribal Shiraz, Kashgai and Belouch
  • Village rugs from the Hamadan district
  • Carpets from Keshan, Tabriz, Meshad and Heriz areas
  • Fine city rugs and carpets from Isfahan and Nain
  • Fine Silk Qum rugs and carpets
  • Nomadic Kilims, bags, cushions and wall hangings