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Established: 1959

Handmade Indian Rugs in Portsmouth

The two major weaving districts in India are the area surrounding the large city of Varanasi in east-central

India and the area centered around Jaipur, southwest of Delhi. Both districts produce an incredible assortment of low quality to very good quality wool rugs in a variety of sizes and in many Persian patterns (we buy many rugs in the Varanasi-district weaving centers of Bhadohi, Khamaria, and Mirzapur). In addition to Persian designs, pile-woven Aubusson and Savonnerie rugs and flat-woven tapestry-technique durries are woven near Varanasi. Weavers in Jaipur make a variety of floral designs (and sometimes geometric patterns like SHIRVAN) in sizes from small mats through large carpets.

Srinagar, in Kashmir, northern India, produce finely woven silk rugs in Persia designs. Weaving in India is based on reproducing Persian design carpets in colours which appeal to western tastes. Production is dedicated to satisfying those demands and can be adapted quickly as fashions change. Our range from India include:

  • Jaipur quality in Ziegler, Shah abbas and agra designs
  • Agra in pale colours with all-over design
  • Silk Kashmir with fine Tabriz and qum designs
  • Durries in basic geometric patterns
  • I. Nemetnejad make every effort to ensure no child labor is involved in the production of their carpets, and insist that all weavers are treated fairly.